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Frequently Asked Questions
     1-) When do you ship my order?
We ship your order generally in 24 hours (Regarding business days) following the payment. But rarely because of our workload or re-carving process (for products not in the stock at that time), we ship in 1-3 days max.

     2-) Are your pipes suitable for 9mm filter?
Not all of them. But if you let us know, we can carve it as suitable for 9mm filter

     3-) What can i do if i receive damaged product?
If you receive damaged product because of the shipping, we will replace it.

     4-) Can i track my order?
Yes, we will send you tracking number. So you can track your item.

     5-) What shipping methods are avaliable?
It is completely up to you. If you dont want standard international shipping method, please just let us know what shipping method you want.
(Shipping cost is charged by your side)

     6-) Can i order special orders apart from in your website?
Definitely you can. We are always ready to welcome your special/custom orders. You can even send us a picture to make it a portrait pipe.
Please check this page for details.
     7-) What are your pipes made of?
All pipes are made of high quality block meerschaum stone. We never use pressed or low quality meerschaum stone.

     8-) Can i buy wholesale of your products?
We are happy to cooperate with meerschaum sellers in different countries. We will do our best for you to sell our products in your country.

     9-) Do you sell other carvers' pipe?
No, we are EsMeerschaum and we sell just EsMeerschaum / Huseyin Yavuz pipes.

10-) Do you sell estate pipes? ( Estate pipes : used / smoked pipes)
No, we sell just unused/unsmoked new brand pipes.

11-) What is Turkish Marbling (Ebru)? Are they made by EsMeerschaum?
Turkish Marbling (Ebru) is a traditional art. Shortly; handmade art work. Making patterns and then transferring it on to glass with a special way. Yes, they are made by EsMeerschaum (Mustafa Yavuz, son of Huseyin Yavuz)
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