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Meerschaum as a mineral is a hydrated magnesium silicate and it is one of the most porous material found in nature. This unique (organic origin) Stone is composed of the fossilized remains of small creatures.

Meerschaum, which is white and soft, consists of 70% of magnesie carbonate and 25% of silicate (H4Mg2Si3O10). The more it is white and soft, the more it is valuable. Meerschaum was realized in 19. century by E. F. Glocker a Deutsch mineralog and then this stone was called Meerschaum (Sea Foam) (Deniz Köpügü) because of the mineral density. However archaeological studies show that meerschaum was known nearly five thousands years ago and used for various purposes.(For example; 3700 years old Stamp Seal was found around Cavlum Village, about 15km away from Eskisehir Centrum). This unique piece is mined from the earth up to 300 meters below and the shaft is dug from the surface in vertical form.

Meerschaum is called Eskisehir Stone (Eskisehir Tasi) and White Gold (Beyaz Altin) or White Diamond (Beyaz Elmas), as well. Because this Stone is mined in a few countries but the most quality and beautiful ones are in Turkey, Eskisehir (210km to Ankara capital city and 330km to Istanbul); especially in Sepetci Köyü, Beyazaltin Köyü and Kemikci Ocagi. It is also called as “White Goddess” or “Venus of the Sea”, Aktas, Patal, Estika Tasi (Estika Stone), Pierre de savon Maroc, Tanganyikan meerschaum and Vienna Stone (depends on regions). But Eskisehir is the most populer region in the world about mined and carved of meerschaum and the world's largest reserves of meerschaum are in Eskisehir. However this precise stone is getting lesser and lesser in the nature and harder to find nowadays, and it takes extensive work to extract. Certainly there is not enough of this valuable stone in the nature, as it is used to once. Thus most meerschaum pipe collectors would love to leave their meerschaum pipes to their children and grand children, from generations to generations as an antique memory.

Meerschaum pipe is the most popular shape among the carved meerschaum. Because meerschaum pipe absorbs 70% of the nicotin and tabacco tars. It is also known that smoking with meerschum pipe is a different taste and pleasure for smokers. In addition to this, meerschaum is an everlasting piece; it is not easy to break it, with a little care it keeps its shape and form; natural beauty. And meerschaum pipe doesnt burn out like other pipes. Meerschaum pipe is a kind of addiction, as well. Because there are numerous models and options for meerschaum pipe collectors. Almost all figures can be carved on meerschaum Stone.

Meerschaum is carved by hand and each craftsman creats his own unique art. While carving the meerschaum, each craftsman makes his own form to this matchless Stone thanks to his own imagine world. So every carved meerschaum has its own unique value. This artistic quality is also an heritage; from father to son. Talent, teaching and heritage together.

Meerschaum is a so servicable piece that it has so many using ways. Meerschaum can be used as cigarette holder, cigar holder, water pipe, necklace, earrings, bracelet, brooch, cuff link, prayer beads, statuette (knick nack), figurine, walking stick, special compositions (in the beauty of tableau), needle, magnet and even chess set etc. You have a lot of reasons to get any meerschaum products; as a gift for yourself, your friends, family and beloved
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